M3+Icon2 PGA Pure Gold
M3+Icon2 PGA Pure Gold

M3+Icon2 PGA Pure Gold

Regular price$1,295.00

Special Features:

Limited Edition - 220 Worldwide
Icon Series Milling - Edition 2
UL-I Barrel and Tip-.680,.684, & .688 UL-I inserts included.
Feed neck Knob Wheel Included
Icon Edition 2 Commemorative Barrel Cover
Arch Blade Trigger
Grey/Black Sticky Grips
V2 Flex bolt tip
Bolt push button “Icon” Engraving
Serialized Edition unique to each Marker
Certificate of Authenticity


 This ICON Limited Series M3+ delivers instant style with heritage-based body design, MOSAirsmart electronic technology, and the robust and efficient FL-21 engine. Taking everything from the previous state of the art platform and applying improved precision engineered features and enhancements throughout the marker for next level performance. A few standouts to the all-star feature lineup include the proven FL-21 System with best-in-class efficiency and shot-to-shot consistency, First ever matching UL-I barrel back and tip and .680, .684 & .688 Inserts, Arch Blade Trigger design, toolless grips for quick and simple tool-less battery access, LeverlockClamping Feedneck with thumb wheel for easy adjusting, SLAP ASA with shift port technology and more!

 This advance performance marker continues with DYE’s ongoing development and advancement of marker technology. The M3+ is THE choice for a confidence-inspiring, lightweight, compact and efficient machine that keeps you out on the field all day long.

 There is no secret to the DYE LAB. Never satisfied, always dreaming, creating, and delivering exceptional performance paintball products is why we at DYE continue to evolve the DYE LAB offering.

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