DYE Silicone oil Dyemond Coat 10 cc - New!! Shipping Now!

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DYE UL DYEMOND COAT silicone oil is considered the gold standard for oils. The long chain polymer compound and specific viscosity deliver maximum performance in cold or warm weather conditions. The performance and protection are beyond paintball industry standards and insure you have the best possible lubricant taking care of your marker. 
  • Extended Wear Protection
  • Rapid Coverage
  • Extreme Temperature Performance (-30°C to +250°C) 
    • Odorless  
    • 100% Pure Long Chain Synthetic Polymer
    • Anti-Corrosion
    • Humidity and Water Repellent
    • Safe for Rubbers, Plastics and Metals
    • High Sheer Stress Stability
    • Low Surface Tension
    • 350cst/35wt Viscosity

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: DO NOT INGEST. NOT tested or rated for use with food or drug products. USE ON PAINTBALL MARKERS ONLY!