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The New DFF-20 Autococker valve from DYE is a DYELAB secret project that we referred to internally as code name “Lazarus valve”. With years of Autococker tuning and high level valve experience our talented engineering staff took a contemporary engineering approach to improve and create an 11/16” bore Autococker valve that offers several advantages, including increased air efficiency, smoother operation, and improved shot consistency. This contemporary approach led to the design of the DFF-20 “Lazarus Valve”, it is a well-designed component for paintball enthusiasts looking to enhance the performance of their markers. This valve is designed to fit modern Autococker bodies with an 11/16" valve bore.


Fits: Modern Autococker bodies that feature the 11/16” valve bore.
Balanced Valve Design: This design reduces the force required to open the valve and also allows the valve to seal at very low pressure.
Reduced Hammer Spring Force: Spring for reduced by up to 2 pounds, which can contribute to smoother firing operation.
Breach Sensing Technology: Increases the valve closing speed, leading to improved air efficiency, ultra quiet shot, and eliminates wasted air.
Lower LPR Pressure: Allows for lower LPR (Low-Pressure Regulator) pressure, resulting in a smoother firing cycle.
Large Valve Diameter: With a massive .400" valve diameter, it eliminates low flow conditions, enhancing efficiency and consistency.
Oversized Porting and Flow Path: This feature eliminates flow restrictions and further improving efficiency.
Shot-to-Shot Consistency: The valve offers incredible shot-to-shot consistency, which is crucial for accuracy.
Standard O-Ring for Valve Face Seal: The use of a standard 011 90D O-ring for the valve face seal makes it easy to perform rebuilds and maintenance.
Fully Supported Valve Stem: This provides exceptional stability and reliability during operation.
Opening Speed and Lift: These aspects remain unaffected by the operating pressure, ensuring consistent performance.