Tac War 8

Tac War 8

Tac War 8 by Nathan “Macca’ McDonnell


     Last weekend I headed out to Tactical Operations Paintball with my buddies for their scenario game Tac War 8.

Roughly 150 players attended it and it was one of their biggest turn outs yet.

I was the leader of the Red Army and for the past few weeks my team and myself had been copping some flak from the Blue team as they were boasting about how much they were going to dominate us, but that was not the case on the day.

After talking to some of the players from both teams everyone had a great time playing and enjoyed seeing the helicopter and vehicles in action as well as playing alongside the Evil Ponzetti’s and the Tournament guys.

I heard a lot of great war stories throughout the day and I can’t wait for the next one in October.


Thank you to the crew at Tactical Ops for the consistent effort to making the events such a good time. Alexis, Ben, Jack and all of the staff who do an amazing job making sure that all of the Tac War events are such a blast.



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