MACCA nVs-2016 PB Adventures

MACCA nVs-2016 PB Adventures

2016 PB Adventures 

MACCA from Dye Teams nVs & Hard2Overcome


Hey!!   Nathan McDonnell from Dye teams nVs and Hard2Overcome. Earlier this year I competed in Round 1 and 2 of the Super 7s tournament with nVs. At Round 1 we came 2nd to Sydney SWAT who had brought over Justin Cornell. At Round 2 we came away with the win against our rivals Sydney SWAT. For this round they brought over Kyle Spicka from Dynasty. We are currently tied for 1st place with SWAT with 2 rounds to go. The feeling in the team going into Round 3 in August is high. We can’t wait to see who comes over to play against us this upcoming round.


My other team Hard2Overcome has played 2 rounds of the Victorian 5s series and placed 2nd at each event. I have not been able to make these events with them as I have had family commitments when these tournaments have been on. However, I will be playing the next round in August!


As well as playing Tournament Ball I have been having an absolute blast playing Bushball out at my local field Tactical Operations Paintball or Tac-Ops (well, local enough in that it’s in the greater Brisbane area). These guys have been running some killer scenario days called Tactical Warfare. These have been happening every 2 months and attracting 100+ players. On these days players from all skill levels are playing and having a great time. The last one I played, it rained like crazy but players kept showing up. When the players were coming back into the

pits, some of them looked like mud monsters as they were covered from head to toe in mud, yet they all loved it! Recently, Tac-Ops incorporated a helicopter into the game. YES, a real helicopter!!!



The local scenario team The EVIL PONZETTI'S; are my main competition when we play. They got the upper hand at the last scenario event but that won’t be the case at the next one. A lot has been happening in the paintball scene in my home state of Queensland. I have been fortunate enough to have been asked for input into how to help grow the sport. Recently I travelled to Cairns in North Queensland for the RACQ NQ Games. This was a 2 day event held at Cairns Paintball. Day 1 saw teams compete in a bushball comp and Day 2 saw them compete in a tournament event.

There were a lot of new faces and players at this event. On the Saturday afternoon, after we had played the bushball, my team mate Nick Bancroft and myself held a training session as a lot of the players hadn’t seen or ever played on a sup air field. After

showing them a few basic things on how to play we played some friendly games to help get them the feel of the game.


On Sunday while watching one of the novice games, one of the younger players lost her rental goggles during the match. After talking to her at the end of the match I found out she loves paintball and was saving up to get her own mask – she said she really liked the I4s... So after trying on mine and really liking them, I offered to give them to her at the end of the day. The look on her face when she realised I wasn’t joking was awesome.



Also, Queensland has started up a National Bushball League (NBL) which is a comp for those who are serious about their scenario play. Round 1 was held at Tac-Ops and Round 2 was recently held at Spec Ops Paintball - a new indoor field in the Brisbane CBD. Their next round is being held at Magnum Paintball in Rockhampton.


As always, I would like to thank my sponsors Devon Stutz & DYE Precision, Craig McIver & Paintball Addiction and Tac-Ops Paintball for making all this happen.


If you would like to follow my adventures you can catch me on the following pipes: Facebook


Instagram (@macca_dye_08) or Snapchat (dyemac08). 


Photos courtesy of;

Liz Whybrew

Kathryn Weeks

Michael Storey




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