Aisawan, WCA D1 Winners

Aisawan, WCA D1 Winners
Photo/Video taken by: Tom Tomcat Cunningham, Red Turtle Media and Mint Paintball Shop

DYE sponsored team AISAWAN from Thailand geared up with their new M2 Dark Shadow and R1 Carbon just a couple weeks before WCA 2015 event.

Great works on defending overall and D1 Champions of World Cup Asia 2015 in Langkawi Malaysia this month! !

They are a group of young guys with passions for paintball.

With all the hard works Aisawan committed to, they won the D1 Champions of World Cup Asia 2015 and they deserved it!  With higher numbers of competitive and solid teams attending the event this year from all over the World, Aisawan did put in a lot of extra hard works in preparation for this intensive battles, as well as representing Thailand in the Nations Cup in a great success for their country, Thailand!


Bravo!! Aisawan's victory at World Cup Asia 2015 on November 1st, 2015! D1 Champions!! Winners of WCA 2014 & 2015 in a roll!




What does the team captain say?

"We fought through the challenging preliminary round with the top contenders and walked into second round as the leader. Coming to second round was never an easy game but the team and players gave their very best playing through to the quarter final against our brothers in DYE family STK and won over a hard fight 3-2."

"In semi-final, it was even tougher match as we were playing against our local brothers and a good rival in Thailand, also DYE sponsored team, Infernal. It was always feeling tense yet exciting playing against Infernal and we won a close game with a score of 3-2 walking into the final of the division playing against the Americans team, Cobra Koi. Once again, team Aisawan was successfully defending the champion and stay at the top for second consecutive year as the best team in Asia.

Although the packed schedule of 16 hours of game play and only 4 hours of sleep every day, team Aisawan still representing Thailand and playing proud for the country in the Nations Cup. Team Thailand has a good start with 3 clean 4-0 wins against Mexico, Brunei and Canada and a lost to Belgium going into the quarter-final against the defending Nation Cup champion, France.
It was a good play with France despite a defeat and still walks out the field proud proving ourselves as one of the best nation teams in Asia.

To conclude the season, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all the players of team Aisawan for playing a very competitive season with us and of course our main sponsor, DYE Paintball for the new gears especially the DYE M2 marker that so innovative so good in performance helping us to win games, as well as the always feeding great R2 loader and the best vision i4 goggles. Of course, last but not least, our supporting fans and everyone involved in helping us to achieve our success. Thank you and see you all in 2016! Thank You #DYEforAISAWAN."

Pop #7
Team Captain

Well done Aisawan! We look forward to your next victory around the world very soon. Keep up the hard efforts!


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