AISAWAN WON SPS 2016 Event 1

AISAWAN WON SPS 2016 Event 1 in Singapore


By Aisawan Team Captain - Rookie # 7

Photos taken by: Red Turtle Media & Team Aisawan


    In the first weekend of March 2016, team Aisawan competed in the first leg of Singapore Paintball Series 2016 (SPS) and crowned in the Open Division!



Bravo!!! Another great victory to their history of championship after winning  World Cup Asia 2014 & World Cup Asia 2015 in a roll:


2014 WCA D1 Champion

2015 WCA D1 Champion

2016 SPS (Leg 1) Open Division Champion



The team get into grind and went through intensive training 2 weeks prior the event working out a winning game plan to continue our leading dominance in the region.


Begin the tournament with a 4 wins out of 5 in the prelims and walked into the Sunday club with ease.


We were playing our Thailand local rivalries Virgin Aisawan (3-1) and Demonic (2-1) in the semi-final and final round respectively and the team's outstanding performance won us the champion of the event.


We are proud and happy of another successful event and once again it is proven that hard works do pay off! Practice makes perfect!


We would like to thank our sponsor, Dye Paintball, for the best paintball gears in the industry, the new M2, R2, i4 and New Dye UL tanks perform flawlessly during the event.


Thank you organizer for such a great event and hospitality during our stay in Singapore and we surely be back for more. Till then.

AGAIN, thank you DYE PAINTBALL, our great sponsor, for our best top-tier equipments, definitely Choices of Champions!!  
Also, thank you MINT PAINTBALL SHOP for all the great supports to Team Aisawan!  
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