Armageddon 5– EPIC!!!

Armageddon 5– EPIC!!!

Armageddon 5 – March 5-6 2016

Armageddon 5 can be summed up in one word – EPIC!!!

This was the biggest bush ball event we have ever held as a club, and from my memory the biggest Bush Ball game in NZ!!

Amongst this event we had 20 players from Australia fly over just for this event and players came as far South as Timaru, at the other end of the county. It was well worth travelling to Waiuku for the Armageddon experience.

Armageddon 5 on record had 175 players on the first day, and 132 for Day 2 , it was ORGANISED CHAOS!

The Auckland Paintball Club worked hard to bring the players a great experience for the past 6 months, and it paid off, with Armageddon finally becoming an international event!!!



The 175 players were split into 3 teams – Red, Blue, Green team. They were spread out over the field into 3 separate corners and had to find 3 flag poles and fly their colors, so they can accumulate points.
Not only did they had a base to protect, once their base shot out they would lose points. The day was broken into 3 1.5 hour games over the whole day. At the end of the day whoever had the most points, won the day.
For a lot of players, they had never played at a field quiet like WAR in Waiuku, and for the Australian Tac Ops boys it was something totally different. Many of them are used to playing on flat land, where WAR has hills, trenches, a village, barricades, rows of bushes…… it’s a snipers paradise in there. How did they go, like most players they had a field day sneaking up on players surrendering players out of nowhere, fighting to the death in the maze.


For a lot of players, the hill was what separated from the men from the boys, running up and down that to respawn for anyone took its toll, so it was up to the players to push through the pain.


PAINTBALL!!! At the end of the day there has to be a winner and it was THE MIGHTY BLUE TEAM!! In the end its all about fun, but they had the most points, and to me was a bit of a shock as it seemed Green team had it locked down!!!


As with most Armageddon events, those who have been to them, know that Day 2 is always tough. As most players are up late celebrating, and then realizing the next day how broken their body can be.
But real ballers leave that to Monday, and get in there!!

DAY 2 was a huge attack defend scenario with the 3 teams broken down into 2 teams.


When OLLIE started the game, all you could see a wall of paint flying either side. The Red team had to run away from cover down the hill to take out the blue team.


So when the game slowed down, the real game changer got in there and smashed through everyone in its way.


The attacking side had to try roll through the blue team, so they can set up their laser system (one of ollies gadgets) to blow up their base! It took the attacking side nearly an hour to push the Blue team back far enough to set their laser and blow up their base…….a few pyrotechnics made a huge boom gave us all a fright!


The Blue team were given bazookas to take out the tank, and they set up a sweet ambush and took it out. But in the end the tank was ‘repaired’ and made it to the village to rescue their injured player – RYAN.
The village fight was awesome to watch as the blue team was surrounded by an unstoppable red team who were on a rampage to rescue RYAN. Eventually the Red Team swarmed in and pushed the Blue team back to the CQB FIELD.


Nearing the 2 hour mark, low on air and paint the Blue had to do their best to hold of the TANK and The Red Team. The Blue team fought to the last man, and made it one tough mission, but in the end the red team got the job done.


They swapped sides and done it all over again….

Overall this was one of the biggest events that myself and our club has run and been a part of. The Dye i4 prize was a hot ticket as always, having players throw up Instagram selfies the hashtag #armgaeddon5selfie in order to win it. . The Auckland Paintball Club wish to thank Dye Asia and Devon for the awesome prizes they provided us, and we had many happy players. We thank you or your support of Paintball in New Zealand, its greatly appreciated as you were the first to come on board and support NZ Paintball.

A one big thank you to Dave , Amy and Luke for their awesome photos form the event.

Cheers guys

Blair + Dave from Auckland Paintball Club / Outpost 43

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